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HOW BUSINESS BUILDS CAPITAL .. even without knowing

Vineeta Singh, founder of Sugar Cosmetics "Entrepreneurship is a journey full of joy and fulfilment, and at the same time, it brings with it the turmoil of fear and stress".

Now, the struggle of entrepreneurs to survive the turmoil of the initial years and live on to enjoy the journey is a subject of many management books.

Several milestones mark stages of the journey which test the vision, conception, risk & quality of projections, each of which can be fatal or a turning point.

The sheer burst of creativity and the momentum gained while making new investments is not often noticed in the early years of the business.

The fact is that whether or not the business is successful the lessons learnt are many & value in land & building grows whether the business is successful or not.

In fact, although entrepreneurs' don't bet on it, the rise in valuation is one of the factors which allows banks some comfort that lending risk is partially covered.

In your entrepreneurship journey, THE SECOND OPINION will help you with perspectives to help you assess the success or lack of it before it is too late.

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