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NEGOTIATING RIGHT ? .. put your views out of sight

Our start up project was again at that stage. Making fresh plans, setting up, watching analytics, make fresh assumptions, test results and so on and on.

There were quite a few such moments in last six months, where I found myself on the edge; with nerves jangling, the feelings of deja vu starting all over again.

The sessions with the marketer were getting in the conflict zone. I would start with a remark, get rebutted with two or three remarks and so on.

Then, one day, I realized that if the marketer indeed had the same goals like me, there was no need to make any comments, just mention the facts and wait.

And so it happened. This time, the marketer readily agreed to take up the onus of making initial calls, which were really my bugbear and something I avoided doing.

What changed was to avoid stating the obvious, accepting their approach, just restating my requirement and focussing on the next thing to do from our end.

And it happened again and now I got a dead line to get the one result which was the acid test of the assignment and the common goal for both.

Of course, success & failure are relative & no one can assure results. But one thing is certain, the journey on road ahead is something to genuinely look forward now.

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