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Welcome to ‘Fast Track’ ...for those who can't wait (see terms  & conditions below)

We are happy to see your trust in THE SECOND OPINION and we are now going a step ahead in our commitment to you. Just imagine that you have a meeting with your financier, where an important 'document' is being signed ; Or there is a board meeting where you are informed that some complex 'issues' are going to be on the table;  Or there is a session with your collaborator where some unexpected 'matters' have cropped up;  Now, we are giving you a hot-line directly to the best Experts & Domain Consultants in the field !  Within 15 minutes, you will be connected to the Expert or Consultant as follows - 

  1.  Get an instant insight into your 'document' or 'issues' or 'matters'   AND

  2.  Get an instant validation about your own views with instructions AND 

  3.  Get a special membership access (subject to our managing board's approval) 

    Note :  All this @ just Rs 1000 (Rupees Thousand only) which is payable upfront. The hot-line will be open for a maximum of 15 minutes only.  THE SECOND OPINION may also   upgrade the call into a Level 1 Opinion or a Primary V Board session, if merited. T & C apply.

Terms & conditions : Fast Track offer is for validation of your query in 15 minutes. THE SECOND OPINION will not take any responsibility if the subject matter is not clear or not properly explained. The hot-line to Experts & Domain Consultants is also not subject to their availability.  Full refund will be done in such cases.  Other terms & conditions of the website will apply in all cases. 

Thanks for submitting!

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