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A CRISIS OR TWO .. why denial is not a option

There is a common trait shared by great Generals, Builders of institutions and Leaders of movements. they all treat problems as but stepping stones.

If you analyse any problem or crisis, the common thread is that it happens only due to the dynamics of war or the nature or scale of the ambition or aim itself.

In other words, nothing attempted nothing gained. Probably if there were no progress, there would be no hint of any crisis .. it would be peace of the grave.

But a weak leader may live in denial, because mere acceptance of a crisis brings back the focus on the person at the top, which can be very uncomfortable.

Such denial exposes the leadership to a charge of not accepting the truth & causes panic since the organization now questions the credibility of the leaders itself.

The wiser option is to accept the fact of a 'crisis' , but also state the resolve to face it and outline the choices before the organization. This gives them time to respond.

THE SECOND OPINION helps you track crises even as they occur & validates a response plan to be put into action to limit the damage.

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