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AN UNCERTAIN WORLD .. don't look for pointers

Several headlines hit you eye today.. The Writer's Guild Union sitting in protest outside the Netflix headquarters near Union Square in New York was one.

They are protesting the scenarios where studios could cut costs and boost revenue using generative AI with digital doubles & fake trailers.

Netflix is itself a disruptive technology but what if there is really a market for Tom Cruise & Keanu Reeves featuring in realistic videos generated by AI algorithms ?

In Australia, a court indicted it's most decorated living war veteran for his conduct in Afghanistan where 'he broke the moral & legal rules of military engagement'.

The war ended with a withdrawal by the so-called free world ; but is the uncertainty in Pakistan a result of the world's attention shifted elsewhere ?

Indis's economy may grow in 6.5 - 6.7% range in FY 24; There is a stalemate in the Ukraine war and Russian economy shrank only by 2.1 % against estimates of 10-11%.

With Russia exporting 91% of its oil to India-China who comprise 34% of worlds poulation & also 30% of world's GDP, is there no end for the Ukraine war ?

So trying to predict what's going to happen is a risky option, where the odds of something happening are at best only 50:50 in almost any world situation.

THE SECOND OPINION bases its views on a realistic appraisal of short term and long term variables but ensures that its' customers are ready for any situation.

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