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ARE WE INDISPENSABLE .. or are we fooling ourselves

There are unique leaders like Elon Musk .. or like Steve Jobs or Ambani once. Are they or were they all indispensable or are we just caught up with star power?

Here, it is necessary to pause and recall that all of human experience and ability has limitations of laws of energy and the constraints of time.

The history of mankind shows that newer talent & learning will make existing knowledge and skills obsolete. So one needs to be humble and grounded, always.

Therefore, we may need to conclude that no one is obviously indispensable. But there is a deeper aspect to this factor. What are we doing about it ?

The need to delegate is an important one. But, once it becomes urgent, then there is precious little time or space to do so.

Hence, even in one's own business, we need to start delegating. What you get immediately is peace of mind and more important, survival of your business.

Let us start with less physical involvement and a virtual presence. Identify activities which one can delegated. Use tech to make your presence virtual !

THE SECOND OPINION is a testimony that virtual presence can be as powerful or transformational as a physical presence.

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