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ARE YOU THE BEST? .. don't lower standards to fit there

Good. Better. Best. This jargon creates its own truth since in a hypothetical three person race, if one is good, other would be better & the third would be best.

But what if there are two races going on; one at the Olympics and the other at your local club. Would the 'best' at the club level ever be comparable to the Olympian?

So, the truth is that comparisons are odious or sometimes even ludicrous since by using only 'logic', the matter pertaining to standards can be conveniently ignored.

Similarly, someone said that beauty contests crowning Miss India, Miss World or Miss Universe should be appropriately called Miss Lakme or Miss L'Oréal Paris.

Blame this it on the high turnover fashion industry and a press seeking TRPs who know quite well that the event would sell only when the country is invoked.

This discussion on standards itself is relative depending on whether we are for example covering cricket at World Test Championship level or the IPL or MPL !

In these days where a person is judged by the number of Facebook or Linked In followers, it is of course difficult to turn back the clock or even talk of standards.

Therefore THE SECOND OPINION avoids this confusion by seeking a middle ground where each issue can be judged on merit and not the prevalent fashion.

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