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CLAIMING WINNERS .. the need for validation

It is the season for results .. after the hustle bustle of March, this is the period where major results are announced in Institutions and quasi - government bodies.

In particular, IAS results are out and it is praiseworthy that this year, the top four results have been bagged by females, which has been the trend for some years.

Now, a curious phenomenon is seen where there are multi-claimants representing academic institutes which claim credit for their students' success.

Now, it is quite possible that a candidate has passed out of several institutions and taken help of many institutes in their path to academic success.

But it is also equally true that maybe 2 out of 200 get ranks. So who takes responsibility for the candidates who are in other words relative failures.

But at the heart of the debate is the phenomenon called 'validation'. Everyone, football coaches, politicians, heads of academia need successes to get fired up.

But the real success stories are those beating great odds. The slum student getting into IIT is more a success than the son of a bureaucrat cracking IAS.

Such a ranking isn't fashionable but THE SECOND OPINION treats every customer the same without ever setting up a preferential order for those seeking answers.

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