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CTRL + ALT + DEL .. some decisions can be indelible

Decisions are made in different scenarios. In the heat of a crisis, in the cool confines of a boardroom, when the leadership is up against a wall .. and so on.

Living with the fallout of a decision made is the tricky part. After all there could be evidence that some decisions may have been in haste or simply erroneous.

The heat over footballer Ronaldo's dissent before joining Al-Nassr after EPL and over Messi's reported choice of Al-Hilal club shows that no one is spared.

Some decisions in business too are epoch making. Tata's re-acquisition of Air India is probably a decision which can change the future of aviation in India.

But others like changing the bankers, or a new tie-up or selling/ acquiring a new business can have a permanent impact whether positively or negatively.

This is where, decision making enters a phase where literally any outcome is possible and cannot be undone in a Ctrl + Alt + Del mode, you cannot alter it.

Here, THE SECOND OPINION gives you a new perspective for decision making by leveraging the experience & expertise of its Experts and Domain Consultants.

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Very true ; hence the need to "go slow to go fast " meaning it is better to plan well and take informed decisions even if it means taking some time and advice to decide than to decide in haste and repent later

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