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END OF THE BEGINNING..why change is the law of life !

Updated: Mar 30

Let me relate an experience of moving away from something which was part of my life for some time now. I retired as a partner, saying goodbye after 23 odd years. What's sp unique about a transition, you may ask? Just a bundle of emotions, memories, some reminiscences ? Well, it is all this and more. All of us are a strange mixture of the ordinary & the divine, capable of lifting ourselves to the highest peaks of human endeavor; only to reveal at other times our insecurities which render the most blissful of moments into mundane experiences.

So, what is it that we can carry with us, out of the old relationships with friends & colleagues, which even on the darkest of days, provide rays of warmth and comfort ? It's divine, if there is only the glow of days well spent, without any room for petty regrets and certainly no space for what-might-have-been's.

To do so, we have to get our priorities right. Firstly, keep expectations realistic. Next, realize that for your plans to succeed, they must align with that of the universe ! Lastly, to understand that best of plans can be undone by wrong timing or by a 'Black Swan' event. In other words, leave some room for fate !

For each transition, there can be celebrations or recriminations! Looking from a glass half-full or half-empty perspective is now passe. Because, your objectivity decides both these points of views. 'Nothing is good or bad, thinking makes it so' should therefore be the first, last and only sane viewpoint!!

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