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FAIL FAST AND FAIL SAFE ... but fear never

The chances of success are overrated. A single lion hunting in daylight has a success rate of 17-19%, but this increases for those hunting as a group to 30%.

Success lies in striving, tying your best and keeping on trying. May be we wont reach the goal but without striving we will never do so.

But a crucial question is are the goals or targets even realistic ? Are these achievable? Is it the right goal after all ?

Here we come to the nub of the question. If a goal or target is indeed not the right or optimum one, how soon do we find it out and what happens once we do ?

The Fail Fast system is a system that shuts down immediately after an error is reported. All the operations will be aborted instantly in it.

In Business, this is reworded as 'cutting your losses'. In fact, earlier the error is noticed, the easier it is to avoid good money chasing the bad.

'Surviving to fight another day' is a good adage for business in general. Remember “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts".

THE SECOND OPINION helps you deal with outcomes; from planning for success to ensuring that resources are committed endlessly on a failed project.

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