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FROM CRICKET TO LIFE LESSONS .. how much is much?

The question whether the one-day form of cricket will keep us enthralled any more was answered in the first few days of the current World Cup under way.

The debate is that while the longer form of 'Test Cricket' caters to the purists & the newest form of 'T-20' catering to the new generation, who will buy 1-day version?

A sport where the outcome is not known, where an extraordinary innings or spell of bowling can alter the result of a match, will always be engaging, isn't it ?

Together with this, everyone's commitment and contribution is noticeable, ranging from team management to the physio, the batting coach to the masseur

The results in a longer tournament also tends to favor teams which have overall the most positive factors or correspondingly, has few or no areas of weakness.

That's probably why, over the last decade or two, the pendulum has continuously shifted with the winners spanning every continent and cricket playing country.

This means that each cricket playing nation has a sporting chance of ensuring that laying their hands on the coveted trophy, including the current 2023 version.

To all lovers of skill and artistry, the recent opening up of the game to all genders was in many ways, the final piece of the puzzle of the one-day game's popularity.

In conclusion, sport is healthy if there are no entry barriers, there are level playing fields, both in figurative & actual terms and finally attract every kind of audience.

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