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GO WITH THE FLOW .. don't let the momentum go

In many situations, the tide turns with a key person leaving. Arsenal has not won the Premier League football title in 16 years since Thierry Henry left in 2007.

In the recently concluded IPL many felt that the momentum of the bowler was lost when they opted for a huddle before the last two balls were bowled.

Ultimately, sport can be a mind game going beyond skill & proficiency and cases where the player wins (or loses) the game with a burst of inspiration (or brain-fade).

Of course, business requires a cool mind more than passion but there are times where the business makes a series of winning moves, one after another.

Such scenarios lift the entire team and the sense of optimism and confidence seems to spread, making it easy to take decisions which otherwise would lag.

It is important in this situation to ensure no one becomes complacent, key communications are shared, everyone's role is acknowledged & so on.

Because very good times (and also bad times) requires deft management since people are prone to credit themselves with success & blame others for failures.

To prevent things going overboard or recognize when success (or failure) is overstated is the key & THE SECOND OPINION can help you in this crucial task.

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