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OF HEAD AND HEART .. don't let emotions sway you

All of us agree that love is supreme.. we now know how nor-adrenaline, dopamine and phenylethylamine conspire to give love the edge by being happy in love.

These chemicals stimulate the racing heart, release the feel good chemical & give us butterflies in our tummies; all of which make us go head over heels in love.

So, we don't doubt that, but emotions do a strange thing too. They block the logical process where one simply suspends judgement when in love.

Here is where the harm or the risk lies. How safe is the journey where the boat has to navigate choppy waters, without anyone really being in charge of the wheel.

So, it would be great, if one heeds the left side of the brain which aids methodical or logical thinking just a bit over the right side which is more creative or artistic.

Here, the simile of 'swaying' is used in the sense that if the boat sways too much, it can capsize which of course would be the ultimate tragedy.

The other side is of course that with a weak heart, negative emotions can make you see 'ghosts' which may not even be in existence.

Any decision should be avoided when the heart rules the head whether in life or business. THE SECOND OPINION always believes in a balanced viewpoint.

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