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Once, it seems that Albert Einstein was asked to share his number by a visiting guest. He is stated to have gone to the phone book to retrieve the same !

The so called incident appears to tell us not to give too much literal importance or space to trivia in the mind, which should be used for more creative purposes.

Such apocryphal anecdotes talk a lot about the attitude the person has towards every aspect of life and need not be proved to be exactly faithful to facts.

Einstein started his career as a clerk in the patents office in Switzerland and it was a series of coincidences that made him publish his famous theories later.

Another quote by Einstein is 'An expert is a person who has few new ideas; a beginner is a person with many' which probably tells you to avoid distractions.

How to unlearn, is a huge issue in the age of internet & AI with the mountains of facts and data and the real struggle is to put away needless stuff.

Our philosophy at THE SECOND OPINION is to make complex issues simple by free validation of the issue with a 360° view and only then proceed to the opinion.

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