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IS THERE A 'KIND' BUSINESS .. emotions are unwelcome

Ever since the beginning of the industrial age, wealth accumulation in the hands of persons other than royalty has been a comparatively new phenomenon.

While the far left has an aversion towards the capitalist model, the far right model instinctively embraces it since it supports its theory of 'domination' of resources.

The internet age has obliterated the existing business models and created an alternate model , based on user ship rather than domination or ownership.

So, do we finally have a welfare model or do businesses have a human face now? Can businesses be 'kind' to its resources or its consumers to be acceptable?

There was no negative press for the massive layoffs recently seen in the tech sector in USA , despite the fact of industry turning on its own resources .

But neither would there be lament about Tesla or Alphabet facing insolvency tomorrow. Who supported Jack Ma in the face off with his government?

Business should continue to create wealth by aiming for efficient use of resources & higher yields. That appears to be a sufficient and justifiable reason for now.

THE SECOND OPINION supports business with its opinions and virtual Board offering solutions helping consume resources more efficiently.

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