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IS THERE A PEOPLE'S OPINION .. and is that relevant

How do those exit pollsters get it right, season after season ? At this rate, their accuracy levels, already quite high, cannot seem to go any higher !

Obviously, it is a big event in elections, at least in India. But why only in politics ? Does it have any utility for other issues ? And would this work outside India ?

'Opinion Polls' are taken seriously elsewhere but not so much in India, which is surprising since there can be emotive issues pertaining to the same population.

In Europe & USA, people are used to 'vote' on issues like the economy & the green movement in Opinion polls and the same trends carry on to the election polls also.

But in India with its diversity, it may be difficult to get a secular sample as abroad, representing the entire population to get a definitive trend of public opinion.

But in a futuristic scenario, it may become possible to have online polls, where almost the entire polulation will vote on issues from elections to economic policies.

Online polls could be held anytime, on issues ranging from 'gun control' laws , 'immigrancy' or even 'referendums' where governments are changed overnight!

Measuring people's opinion continues to be a 'dinosaur' which has changed little though the internet has changed everyting from economy to lifestyles.

THE SECOND OPINION looks ahead to human ingenuity and innovation but continues to be guided by the timeless virtues of integrity, scepticism & inquiry.

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