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IT IS JUST A GAME OF CRICKET.. or is it something else?

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

The noise around the Lord's test has subsided. Australia, the World Champions now, have won. But England won some sympathy like in the previous match.

But nowadays, echoes of every action reverberate across the world, whether it is France burning or Bairstow's dismissal on what he thought was a 'dead' ball.

Some have argued that the game is governed by laws and if the laws have not been breached, then, obviously, no one can steal the credit for victory in the end.

Others say even if the spirit of the game was breached, it happened fast & should be seen in the context of the earlier catch by Starc which was disallowed.

'Everything is fair, in love and war' is used to defend indefensible actions. But this blog takes a slightly old world view and arrives at a different conclusion.

But rules are seen to be more central to a game, rather than 'love or war' . In a game, you can win only after the loser, however regretfully, accepts the defeat.

Unlike 'love and war' losing in a sport is seen as a temporary setback which can be overcome. This is the crucial difference and it is not that a winner takes all.

Can we hit the pause button in midst of the 'madness' and 'passion' ? Could teams appoint a conscience keeper who could be the coach or any non-player ?

This would be better than crafting rules to meet every situation which destroys the spirit of a game. In other words. is there a role for THE SECOND OPINION ?

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