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'LATEST TRENDS' .. straws in the wind..or much more ?

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Political groupings are fascinating ; since these are always experiments which end abruptly after being proved wrong; till that time however, these are trends.

Who actually conceives this idea? To be uncharitable, one can blame the middle rung media-savvy intellectuals, who have everything to gain & nothing to lose.

Another trend is 'Barbenheimer' Internet phenomenon that began circulating on social media before the simultaneous theatrical release of two blockbuster films.

Any marketer & student of the internet must take heed of how boundaries have been demolished with the same trends in US as in other countries & India.

Of course, nothing can quite explain the queues in Kashmir where teenagers & women are flocking to see the film, but possibly it may be cinema starved public.

But to get to the main point, what are trends, what drives these trends, can human behavior actually change? And is it all just an internet phenomena?

If people from one end of the world can actually see how the people at the other end actually live, work and play, quite simply something radical has happened.

It has helped that in the international scene, Indians are drivers of change and not only participants. This will be another factor eliminating the fear of change.

Freedom, economy, the idea of justice are the next frontiers. Imagining change & driving change is no longer Utopian & THE SECOND OPINION heralds the trends.

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