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LEAVING A 'LEGACY' .. why noise cancels clarity

The media has been full of stories of succession plans .. whether in the political world, or in sports or in business families or even in religious establishments.

Generally the stories convey how 'not' to manage succession issues since the emotions they evoke are mainly protests & disbelief among the affected persons.

Let's admit that any succession issue, will depend on 3 aspects viz. the 'persona' of the leader, the 'maturity' of the organization & the 'timing' of the announcement.

The success of the leader is in the inevitability of the announcement which means that the waters have been tested and all possible reactions have been factored in.

Someone has said that a leader should go when people ask 'Why' and not 'Why not' but this assumes a level of detachment and irrevocable renunciation.

The ancient Indian concept of Bramacharyashram, Grihasthashram, Vanaprasthashram and Sanyashram as ideal life stages is an evolved solution.

Avoiding a literal interpretation, the last two would (for a leader, at least) mean consciously avoiding limelight followed by a physical and mental withdrawal.

What can go wrong can be a lack of self belief, a case of heart ruling the mind or a sense of lack of fulfillment, all of which makes the final decision an unfinished one.

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