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LEGITIMACY, GUARANTEE..Why we are fixated with it?

It's the season of elections ! And the term 'Guarantee' is everywhere, in speeches & manifestos, in interviews & debates... But is a guarantee merely "an assurance of the quality of or the length of use to be expected from a product offered for sale often with a promise of reimbursement". Or is it something much more?

Speaking of elections, legitimacy is the first attribute of a ruling class. It's this (often mistaken) sense of legitimacy that allows people (Playrights, authors, scientists, sports people, spiritualists , musicians, social luminaries, retired judges etc. etc) to feel vindicated when decorated with Padma Shri's & Arjuna Awards..

Even when it is clear that sometimes (with honorable exceptions of course), these awards are only the largesse distributed by the ruling party or dispensation, to honour or humor their own, who have, at the very least, managed to keep themselves, at all times on their right side, in words & action.

'Legitimacy' comes with 'Authenticity' ..after all what is promised must be exclusive or unique.. what is the worth of a guarantee which is common in the agenda of several sources.. So, a Guarantee is an unique & exclusive promise by a legitimate ruler who presumably continues to rule legitimately for long!!

Now, however, Guarantees have been forthcoming from the incumbent & also the challenger ! Therefore, it's a statement that the 'Guarantor' has the power or will come back to power. But it's oddly similar to the two boons granted by King Dasharath to his Queen Kaikeyi in the national epic called Ramayana, isn't it?

Now, all of us know, how that story played out ! Also, people are wise and know what's feasible. Therefore, it's best that the Guarantor does not overplay their hand or make tall promises or at the very least keep it real. Because, whatever promises the ruler makes usually come back to haunt them & the country too!!

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19 abr

If only the voter were discerning enough to understand which promises the political party can keep up and which he obviously cannot and if he does keep up also, then at what cost to the nation, we would be in a much happier state of the nation; unfortunately there are no consequences to the promises made or to the promiser and we can only hope that the voter is clever enough before he casts his vote

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