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LESSONS FROM REAL LIFE .. why dispute resolution should not be understated

The right got its vindication, the left was left sulking. The middle, as usual, were left in a muddle. Is real life so simple, with clear winners and losers ? The beauty of democracy is that everyone gets their day, sooner than later. They only need to wait out their turn. And best message of all, the maligned judiciary can deliver!

The cynics may say that courts tend to reflect the popular view. Others may say that courts will tend to agree with the powers of the day (re Roe vs Wade). This is a tricky territory. But at least, no one is attributing prejudice. That's also a closure of sorts. Anyway, justice & injustice are both moving indices, never absolutes.

There's no room for cynicism, and one must trust human nature's instincts, and see it a victory for both politics (Parliamentary) & justice (Judiciary). It may allow us the window of opportunity to decide on other areas of conflict in society. This, cautious but measured optimism may be our best hope, yet. Why we are talking of justice and politics here, and not faith? Because faith tends to be colored by ever so many emotions, so it is best to avoid talking to the faithful or faithless; since both cannot be objective. So in these matters, one must trust the objective third party and subsume all feelings and emotions here.

So, the temple done and dusted and should not make head lines again. Of the lessons, the main ones are that when you see irritants, move towards eliminating it. On seeing the middle path, use force if necessary to make people choose the lesser evil, grab the chances available to implement solutions, sooner than later!

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