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MAID IN BOMBAY .. how it works in Mumbai

Updated: May 24, 2023

A week back we were informed by our maid, that they had purchased a 'Creta' after 10-12 years of doing household chores ofcourse with some bank loan too.

Since this is a serious blog attempting to catch a businessman's eye, I thought it would be interesting & humbling to list 5 factors behind her success story.

The first is to choose the product or service best suited for & being a Vth class pass, it is a no brainer that she ended up cooking along with household chores.

The second, is to select the market, as close to you as possible and since she lived just 2 kms away, it was really a win-win for her & for us as the consumer.

The third is to offer standard services (as a cook) but also meeting other requirements like cleanliness and hygiene as a value-added but paid service.

The fourth is provide for a emergency replacement (with acceptable quality) to provide an alternative, while making you understand her value more.

The fifth is that customer loyalty comes as an outcome by just providing services required, being punctual & honest & you dont need to start with this as an aim.

THE SECOND OPINION understands the economy as a value which is greater than the sum of its parts and offers unconventional wisdom as a free takeaway.

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