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MANAGING 'RISK' IN DECISIONS .. indecision is worse

The 'risk' taken by India's captain in promoting himself in the batting order in the Cricket World Cup finals in 2011 is cited as a good example of decisive leadership.

The fate of any team sport encounter is often determined by inspiring acts and feats and often is a test of wills between two relatively strong competitors.

This one act or decision caught the imagination of the country with its audacity but probably it was the surprise element which seems to have been the key.

What a leader thinks in such a situation, what he says and more importantly what his action demonstrates, make the ultimate difference in such a situation.

It is more likely that your team or your collaborators or your lenders will support any decision taken unless it is merely an emotional or impulsive one.

This is because, chaos and uncertainty is often seen as logical outcome of any indecision or an inability to act in the face of any threat or risk.

THE SECOND OPINION helps you to manage risk by helping you understand the factors of risk and reward by weighing the outcomes of all possible decisions.

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