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MEET YOUR GOALS & TARGETS .. on your terms

In Sport usually, there are rules and regulations without which success can be tampered with.. unlike war where it is said that everything is fair.

If asked about Goals and Targets in business, the response would be usually that thinking about goals would be like in sports but for targets, it will be like in war.

Also, we may add that the response would depend upon the state of the business and the general climate of business ethics followed.

Why it is important is that your definition will influence he recruitment made, the fairness in targets set and even the basic aspect of viewing success and failure.

The short sighted goals and targets will make unnecessary conflicts with your customers, channel partners and staff, leaving a bad example for the future.

Unrealistic goals like dominating market share or too steep targets may seem ambitious but will end up in demoralizing people or not being taken seriously.

In many cases, losing a battle will still result in winning the war. And it helps the goals when unachievable targets are junked or corrected.

THE SECOND OPINION will help validate strategy and plans based on current level of competition and market share.

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