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NOT A PROPHET IN THEIR COUNTRY .. why this is true?

Who is a prophet? Let us explore the not too distant past J Krishnamurthi was one, so was Kahlil Gibran. So also, was Albert Einstein.. each in their own way.

The accepted view of a prophet over time is their lack of a country. Each of the above, floated between countries and continents carrying their fragrance.

Anything concerning the wider world rather than just one country or people is most unsettling for people or rulers of that land from where they hail from.

Most people cannot imagine a future outside the context of their own existence in the center of things & events and probably any world view is a diffused one.

Any prophecy is therefore met with indifference or disbelief or skepticism or cynicism based on the extent which the prophecy encompasses the world order.

Such prophets are more honored more & more, much after they have walked the earth because they are then owned by the world rather than only their people.

So should prophecies be seen as cast in a rigid stone edifice rather than being mere lines in the sand which probably they were meant to be in most cases ?

And that's exactly where the nub lies. Physical time, place and causality do play a role and the prophet despite his vision is as much a creature of the present times. So, look for the broader brush of the artist's palette or the singer's melody and do not seek to ask "How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?"

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