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OIL THE 'SPOKES' .. and balance the ride

A wheel will keep moving if one of your bicycle spokes is broken or missing.. But if multiple spokes are not working, your wheel will collapse, now or later on. ."

Darius Foroux has called this six spokes as Health, Body, Mind, Play, Work , Love, Money & Play. This order and even priority of these six spokes can change.

Eastern philosophy talks about the important aspect of 'Vairagya' or a dispassionate attitude which you need to develop as you go on in your life.

For modern times, the life-phases may be broadly termed as student-trainee, family-working life, non participant- advisor and finally retiree-emeritus.

While you will need to be aggressive and one-minded in your working life, you need to understand that is a phase which you may soon need to outgrow.

The need to set boundaries & limits within the stages of the business journey can prevent imbalances in management structure & if planned well, prevents disaster.

Do not be unprepared when the time comes to take decisions. Map all the stages in a business and try and validate where you are vis-a-vis the spokes of life.

THE SECOND OPINION has some interesting takes on income, wealth & succession strategies which are essential for everyone in business to understand.

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