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OPINIONS AND ALL .. with a pinch of salt

The Big Opinion : It's Universal the finding of a commission of inquiry set up years back to comment on a matter no longer relevant.

The Prime Opinion : It's Polished.. essentially sponsored by a party to a dispute to state their side; a command performance with length and words to suit the fee.

The Loud Opinion : It's Certain one of the adverse pieces written about a rival academician or politician.. it will never deviate from start to end

The Knowledge Opinion : It's a commentary on a religious text by a text book theoretician without any direct spiritual experience.

The Scholarly Opinion : It's a tour-de-force on a matter of national importance usually by some one with with past authority & no current standing.

The No Opinion : It's the loyal spokesperson of a political party defending the indefensible action of a leader.

THE SECOND OPINION : It's Muted..more an objective review of an issue already decided upon and issued on a take it or leave it basis.

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