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OVER THE MOON .. and what next?

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

The successful soft landing of Chandrayaan-3 comes amidst the grim news of the Luna 25 crash landing a few days back highlighting the risks associated with it.

The distance of 384,400 Kms traversed over 40 days is in itself a triumph of technology involving rocket science, communications & data sensing capabilities.

Many strands of civilization, history, politics & geography are entwined in the story of a third-world country reaching for its place on the main table of countries.

Connecting the dots, however, we can learn a lesson that whatever your travails, the tomorrows can be bright if the opportunities of today are exploited well now.

Another takeaway is that such developments usually mean that prosperity is around the corner if technological frontiers are now breached from all directions.

Technology cuts through every aspect of life sooner than later and it will be easier to make advances in several knowledge applications, benefiting a vast number.

It will be interesting to see what is next & probably we are seeing a power shift, not seismic, but equally far reaching ; this time, in peace, rather than in war.

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