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RAISING THE BAR .. why the price is sometimes too steep

You may be an icon .. like Lionel Messi who has won 34 trophies, or Pep Guardiola who has won an equal number of titles as a football coach.

Muhammad 'The Greatest' Ali suffered from Parkinson's syndrome, which affected the later part of his life which he spent in his wheel chair.

Joe Frazier talking about his rivalry with Muhammad Ali “We locked up three times. He won two, and I won one. But look at him now. I think I won all three.”

Especially, the damage to Ali's brain caused by blows to the head resulted in slurred speech, slowed movement due to Ali's technique which got him victories.

So, perhaps, it is best not to pay too high a price for that ultimate honor. If you cannot yourself justify the price, surely it is not worth much in the world itself.

Achievements are 'excellence' but that is relative and with changes in the formats, rules and even playing conditions in sport, all comparisons become odious.

Therefore, in business as in sports and in every sphere of activity, it is best that you have your own standards rather than let the world determine it for you.

Aim for 'High, higher & highest' but ensure that you, your family & associates don't pay the price for your follies and THE SECOND OPINION helps determine the limits.

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