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'SAACH KO AACH NAHIN' - why truth needs no support

This is one of the earthy and pithy sayings from the Hindi heartland. And probably so old and well used that it is not even attributed to any writer or poet.

The other interpretation is that unlike an algebraic equation, 'truth' is an ideal in its standalone form and therefore does not need further proof.

It is interesting that the sale of 'VSNL' in 2008 and 'Air India' in 2022 to the Tata group did not, evoke much negative reaction from even a polarized public polity.

Since the two events happened under different governments, it must therefore have been the image of 'Tata' s' for probity which settled the issue of a 'fair deal'.

In a corporate setting it is factors like transparency, absence of conflict of interest and timely public disclosures which appear to win the battle of perception.

Of course, the reputation for fair dealing has to be earned and it's only a consistent adherence to principles with stakeholders support, which make a difference.

THE SECOND OPINION helps you to frame an ethics and policy manual which assures stakeholders with fair and transparent dealings without fear or favor.

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