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SPOTTING WINNERS .. let go of bias factors

Updated: May 17, 2023

A prophet is not without honor save in his own country. The expression is used of anyone whose talents & accomplishments are highly regarded, except at home.

J Krishnamurti, the philosopher, always asks people to look at a tree without the idea or image of a 'tree' which our mind always associate with when we see a 'tree'.

JK rejects ideals of love, peace and even god, because he says that an ideal is what is not, because notions or images make it hard to see anything in its real form.

Bias is harmful, to the victim & the other. It was Hitler's bias against Judaism that led to Jews fleeing Germany, which is often called the second Exodus.

The talents were lost to Germany while the countries like USA & UK benefited from the brilliant talents in every field like finance, show business & science .

Closer home, the discovery of Dhoni as captain material has been hailed as a masterclass in spotting winners in the most unlikely scenarios, places & settings.

Mainly, it is bias, which can also be called as lack of objectivity, which blinds us to obvious talents, where an outsider can spot what perhaps those close by cannot.

Often we see the same executive or employee who was languishing in his job, becoming a key player in a rival organizations who have spotted talent in them.

THE SECOND OPINION helps you to address issues of objectivity by its recommendations for timely broad basing of key decision making bodies.

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