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TAKING A FEEDBACK .. why is it difficult

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

Just two days ago, we sought the customer feedback on services delivered during the month. Or just how useful were our services to them, for their business?

Now, the recent trend in internet is to take a feedback for almost every visit to a website; Nowadays, you are asked for feedback after every Ola or Uber ride !

So, there is really an 'overkill' of sorts here. So, there is no surprise that driver 'Raju' or 'Shaikh' get a staggering 5 rating for almost every trip made by them.

This is not to question the credibility of such ratings for the customer or agency. It's rather about the issues and manner of getting responses so that its useful.

First of all, not all customers are 'willing' or 'care' to give meaningful feedback. This is similar to the fact that only a few users actually post reviews about places.

That's why feedback is important from those customers who care to give it willingly. Also, 'Yes/No' responses to standard questions do not throw much light on services.

The customer wanting to provide feedback is special; theirs' are after all views on issues they feel strongly about. So its better to give them their space.

Proving some special privileges for useful feedback may not be a bad idea. An incentive especially financial may also work in getting a steady stream of feed back.

In the end, everyone is dying to know what the customer thinks; so let this happen when the business is alive and kicking. THE SECOND OPINION concurs.

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