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THE BEST ADVICE YOU GOT .. is usually from an outsider

Objectivity.. or the lack of it, can play tricks with your judgement. Or put differently, there are bound to be issues when there is a lack of objectivity.

As the Gita explains ..'Desire leads to anger, anger causes delusion, delusion causes loss of memory, loss of memory causes destruction of discrimination ..'

We have all, at least occasionally gone through the above set of feelings, when dealing with the outcome of something affecting our core being, as it were.

Usually, delusion or confusion, is a veil giving an unwanted dimension to some event or person. It acts like a film between you and your view of the object.

Whereas a lack of vision usually does no harm, a distorted vision can compel you to act in panic and make you act in a state of mental turbulence.

This is where, the objective outsider's view comes like a splash of cold water in the face. A moment which challenges your current & temporary fears and distortions.

THE SECOND OPINION gives you experience and clarity in all matters helping you to reach a stage where you can back yourself on taking right decisions.

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