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THE 'BUBBLE OF GALAXIES' .. seeing our planet in true perspective

Astronomers have reportedly discovered the first "bubble of galaxies," an almost unimaginably huge cosmic structure thought to be a fossilised remnant .

The bubble spans a billion light years, making it 10,000 times wider than the Milky Way galaxy. Yet, it cannot be cannot be seen by the naked eye.

Its' a relatively close 820 million light years away from our home galaxy, in what astronomers call the nearby universe.

For long, we have used the words 'rocket science' to distinguish complexity as compared to simpler stuff, which you and me can commonly understand.

Will all this, however, bring a degree of humility and a sense of perspective to the human race, which has long been in conflict with the idea of me & the rest of us.

First of all, the sheer magnitude of what lies out there dwarfs a million fold the current size of everything that we know and hold in the realms of discovery.

We could safely say that all our knowledge, faith and beliefs should further pale in the sheer scale & size of the present discoveries, even if past findings didn't do so.

There have been attempts by groups of people, no doubt influenced by newer & newer discoveries, to bring an organized form of believers in the new truths.

Like the 'Church of Scientology' for example, which is called or described differently by various observers for e.g. "psychotherapeutically oriented religion",

It's a "secularized religion" for some, a "postmodern religion" for others and a "privatized religion" or a "progressive-knowledge" religion for yet others.

That being the case, what is truly apt for the current state is that of Socrates, (born c. 470 bce, died 399 bce, who said "I know is that I know nothing".

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