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THE BUCK STOPS HERE .. don't ever pass the buck

When someone says 'Don't try to pass the buck, It literally means don't leave a difficult problem for someone else to deal with'.

Great leaders made it a point to take ownership of problems and issues. If it increases the scrutiny on the person making a decision, that's unavoidable.

All the 'ills' in society have a trajectory. We abhor these 'ills' but fear that the sheer association makes us seem accomplices if we finally cannot resolve them.

Agreed, that would be a burden. But taking responsibility only means accepting that we are part of the problem and doing our part, however small, to overcome it.

In fact, the whole sermon of Krishna to Arjuna was not to evade doer-ship but only do his duty in a spirit of detachment, much like a surgeon wielding a knife.

Arjuna accepts Krishna's counsel but only after he witnesses the Universal form of the lord and the immutable links of the present with past and future.

While objectivity and clarity is our goal, THE SECOND OPINION always believes in taking responsibility to leave things at least a little better than what it was earlier.

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