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All successful businesses are alike..all unsuccessful ones are unsuccessful in their own way. Leo Tolstoy's sage observation on marriages works for businesses also.

But every successful business has an element of inevitability to it. It sounds easy and the success of the idea behind its launch also looks obvious.

This can be misleading. Good ideas or intentions are often not a good reason to venture out into a business unless supported by timing, scale and team work.

Having said this, the desire or ability to provide a solution to an existing problem can often be the launch point of a new business.

Prejudices, like and dislikes, emotional bonding is what a human being cannot avoid but it needs care to see that these don't interfere in every business decision.

While it would be good to balance business ambitions with a tranquil personal life, the strains and conflicting demands of these can be overwhelming.

Here is where a strong ethical background, being grounded and being truthful will help many an entrepreneur to explain his situation to his family at large.

The entrepreneur is often lonely and THE SECOND OPINION understands the trials and tribulations which is their lot. That is the raison d'etre of this website.

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