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Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Like many others, I am a keen follower of Hindi film songs of old, the raga based songs by great composers, written by real poets and sung by sublime singers.

I have been greatly assisted in my hobby by the internet, which displays an endless variety of such songs categorized by raga, composer, singer, lyricist etc

In addition, in case I want to know more, there are at least a dozen different websites, containing high quality research, painstakingly accurate information.

Most of these websites, do not seem to be out to make money & seem to cater to the genuine seeker of such information, only asking for a thanks in most cases.

Of course, perhaps there may be a subscription model, possibly for the professionals who want to access this information for commercial purposes also.

But it is clear that altruism is at work here & most of the founders must be people of great talent, pouring out their hearts' work in creating & maintaining these.

But the real question is, did the creators of the internet really visualize this ? But here we may not know since like the creators of Vedas, they too are nameless!!

Also, where do we go on from here. Open source coding has led to opening floodgates of creativity and the possibilities of a collaborative internet is endless.

The problems of today, whether global hunger, economic inequality, universal human rights may get crowd sourcing solutions which could speed up change.

Who knows, with more people getting on to the internet, a new United Nations could spring up, without the divisions and hypocrisy of the physical name sake.

One should never stop dreaming and the least would be to add your bit to this revolution, where a smiley, a comment has the power to launch a thousand ships!

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