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THE CULTURE OF TRUST .. what the net can learn from

The proof of human success is the culture of business. Nothing else comes remotely close to this way of life which humans have helped evolve over time

Where and how did they learn to trust opponents ? For instance, from 1622 till 1899, the settlers in USA fought a war almost to the finish with the native Indians With the trading instinct together with survival needs, wouldn't trade and commerce with the native population be the easy way to help out each other ?

The problem seems to have been one of trust ; after all, we see trade & commerce thrive between the most unlikely & diverse of partners since the last 1000 years

Which brings us to the internet age with its vast possibilities ; where the spirit of sharing appears paramount, despite the origins being entirely militaristic.

The success of software exports which has been the biggest game changer seems to have made us complacent that this would be replicated in all cases.

But, apart from successes like banking, insurance, medicine etc the doubts over cryptocurrency for instance, points to a trust issue which cannot resolve by itself One basic reason for this may be that the dollar's role as the primary reserve currency is increasingly under strain & threat with no alternatives to replace it

The existing norms in trade, commerce & services continues to appear like a remnant of a survival economy with the peril of the unknown always lurking.

Are humans ready to embrace a world order where the standards for trust & confidence can give every entrant and participant a level playing field? Or is it that humans have to first evolve & outgrow familiar boundaries like land, country & language before such building blocks of a just world order can emerge?

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