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THE OLD ORDER CHANGES .. why change in painful

Isn't timing everything? Replying soon to a missed call is a favour, returning the call after some time needs an explanation, replying a day late needs an apology.

The public reacts with tears and lament when a star player retires at the height of his fame. But the star player retiring after being booted out elicits only ridicule.

The difference is timing and time means changing perceptions. So the good, the bad and the terrible are not attributes but perception in the eyes of the beholder.

If this realization comes, when you are at the height of your life or career or job, the entire journey becomes enjoyable, not depending upon any outcome or results.

But in absence of it, pain or a reluctance to see the changing order is a given condition, only waiting to strike especially when you are on the way down.

Other than change, there is no reality and it's surprising that many of us are just investing in pain by not accepting the basis of our existence.

The entire concept of the generation-gap is nothing else but holding on to the past by the seniors and the impatience of youth in not making any allowances,

THE SECOND OPINION helps you cope with cahnge by communicating with you in a manner, need and style best suited based on your regime and practices.

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