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THE OTHER ‘OPTION’ .. don’t give in on basics

When dealing with children, the golden rule is 'Don't lie, be firm but fair & provide options'. Children can sense deceit from a distance and anyway if they know later it's worse.

George Bernard Shaw said life is too brief to be little. It is probably this aspect that counts most when dealing with everyone affected, like children, due to some tough choices.

Dealing with a person who expects something from you whether he is an employee or vendor or a supplier is very much like dealing with children in a way.

Life is tough at times and there are no easy choices all the time. This is something which everyone, at least an adult, must know and if not, no one can help them.

So when breaking news, especially if is an unpleasant one, the rule is to call a meeting immediately, sit across and exactly explain the decision taken & why it was inevitable.

The worst that can happen is that a person may have a temporary or permanent disagreement but at least no one can complain that they have not been informed.

Invariably, people do come to terms with the decision. After the initial hiccup or two, people will look at the brighter side, unless of course the decision is a rank bad one.

And, if the decision was a really bad one due to some circumstances, there will be room to change or alter it. THE SECOND OPINION offers a real window to test this out, either way.

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