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THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS .. or how not to go about it.

Things change ; the Will Smith of 2006 i.s not the same person who got on stage in 2022 to slap the comedian Chris Rock over some comments the latter made.

But this piece is not about the bitter-sweet film of 2006 in which Will Smith reflects on the dark side of the American dream, as he counts the cost in so doing.

There is a more recent video titled 'Learn to be Happy ' by Ravi Venkatesan, best known as CEO of Microsoft India, and many more distinguished tenures.

Ravi makes some profound & telling points in a remarkably brief video which all of us must imbibe. Please see

Basically he says 'Don't get into a rat race for achieving happiness since it's like an alcoholics' high; then, we need a higher & higher dose to stay where we are.

De-link happiness with material possessions, not because they don't mean anything but these will not contribute to your net happiness quotient

  1. The more you think about yourself, the less happier you will be. Or in other words, selflessness is the true path to happiness.

  2. Acceptance is the key; he quotes Irrfan, the actor's words sometime before his untimely death as "life has no obligation to give you want you expect"

  3. He also juxtaposes that with the Dalai Lama quote about the secret to happiness being "liking what we have rather than having what we like"

  4. Finally he talks about the final piece in cultivating relationships as the key to be happy or rather not lonely since that is a driver of unhappiness.

Don't forget; he is a corporate honcho who has achieved everything; so when he talks about learning to be happy, we should stop, look, watch and go forward.

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