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Experience, they say, is a good teacher. Any experience, some say, has to be beneficial in the end, since some learning comes out of it.

True, a wise person will always learn out of his experiences, but events have a momentum of its own and hence the above is not universally true.

First, whom does experience actually affect ? You principally, but people close to you actually are equally affected, so do people who look up to you as an example.

For all these people, the trauma of bad experience and the sharing of your experiences plays a role in shaping their opinion, their world-view and beliefs.

That is why we recommend that you make the experiences count and check with the right source since often even the wrong lessons are learnt out of these.

In the end, learn the right lessons even if you are not able to avoid the risk itself. And by making others pay for your mistakes, you will lose your sleep and friends.

THE SECOND OPINION helps you to validate your actions of the past and helps you to navigate the present and chart a way in the future.

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