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THE ROAD NOT TAKEN..the cost of wrong decisions

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

What does happen exactly when we negotiate problems and issues in business.. lets face it, the first phase is denial of the problem .

The next phase is of course fixation of blame and the more cost involved the more intense this phase becomes and often more fruitless.

It is the third phase when the passions have cooled down a bit that the real talk about mitigation and salvaging the issue actually begins.

It is in this phase that the second opinion counts and realization dawns that some problems are inevitable but still it’s not the end of the world.

Our experts will tell you how to negotiate the situation, contain the downside costs, recover without lasting effect and how to avoid the situation in future

And the most unique part, how to profit from the situation by reviewing all such probable events in the near future.

in the end, you will regard the problem or issue as a minor distraction which was useful as a milestone to overhaul your entire game plan.. It happens!

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