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THE TENDULKAR FACTOR .. how feeling good helps

There were serious commentaries a decade back "India's economic rise coincided with career of Sachin Tendulkar" Apr 4 2011-Economic Times

"As Sachin Tendulkar retires after 24 years in international cricket, Business Today discovers some uncanny parallels between the maestro's career and the country's economy"

While that may be an entirely different story we are trying to find the link between feeling good and businesses doing well .. or vice versa

Once, triumphs are is shared vicariously, for e.g. in sports or space or war, it is impossible for an individual not to reflect that uplifted feeling in his actions.

That uplifted feeling may reflect in generous raises to staff or payment of taxes diligently or even donating more to public causes or even excess nationalism.

This spirit of achievement was seen in Israel after the 1967 wars and in the USA post World War II but also set a stage for conflict including the Vietnam imbroglio later.

THE SECOND OPINION helps your business to build on its strengths without going overboard, if your goal is to be in the game for a long, long, period.

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