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THE TIME HAS COME .. recognize the writing on the wall

In case of many leaders, there is a public perception that they are behind the times and even flawed. The effect on the organization can be demoralizing and tragic.

The gap between self perception and reality is too stark to be hidden and most onlookers (but not the leader) can see the dichotomy between image & reality.

In most social situations, there would be voices who can be a source of feedback or frank advise which theoretically the leader should use from time to time.

Only where the leader is plain incompetent or reckless, will they total ignore or avoid such feedback. Such scenarios (as professionals know) are not at all unlikely.

So this blog addresses the real owners, the staff, the professionals, the bankers, suppliers and customers, all of whom have a stake in the organization.

If a systemic fault line is visible, it is a matter of time that these begin to show on the revenue and profit front. It will be worthwhile to watch out for these signs.

THE SECOND OPINION team will share with you their first hand actual experiences in monitoring and advising businesses in good times and bad.

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