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THE 'TREND' IS EVERYWHERE .. but go with your gut feel

When something seems too good to be true, it probably is. But with most people, the easier & lazier option is to accept a 'trend' as true, rather than question it.

True, 'trends' do have a purpose. whether it is about an election result or the release of the recent magnum-opus movie or the IPL team in ascendance.

But always rely on your own judgement. As they say in America, 'When something walks like a bird, talks like a bird, sings like a bird, its probably a bird'.

To see possibility where others cannot make out anything is a leadership trait; but if one 'cannot see the forest for the trees ', then you are simply not a leader.

What it means is that don't be so involved in the details of everything so that you miss the point of the whole thing. The difference between a single battle & war.

The internet age is probably one where objectivity is assured but judgement is not. Instant feedback is assured, but constructive criticism is not. So beware.

THE SECOND OPINION calls for the middle path with avoidance of two extremes, to avoid over-thinking based on today's trend but to always ensure timely action.

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