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WHAT THE STARS FORETELL .. look out for these signs

The travails of 'Go First' in India quite recently opened up a familiar theme of 'victim-hood' by the airline & its main supplier which was played out by media.

Does 'trouble' visit a business suddenly ? Since much of the charges & counter charges is 'sub judice', it is more pertinent to focus on early warning signals.

Lord Krishna in the Mahabharat sequences the fall of man in these terms viz. Anger- Delusion- Bewilderment of memory - Loss of intelligence - Disaster.

The first danger signs are management's retreat into seclusion or reluctance to listen to contrary views and even 'shooting' the messenger in some cases.

The next may be selective reading or misreading of crucial signs and a defence of actions taken by citing past precedents not relevant to the current issue .

The third often a sense of fool-hardiness, understimating threats, shunting out critics & overestimating strengths and this is very often the stage of no return.

Directors, trade unions, stake holders like bankers, suppliers & creditors would have to play a crucial role in a situation like this, but may end up acting too late.

'Disasters' are business failures not timely diagnosed & THE SECOND OPINION believes success is not final & failure is not fatal, at least in most cases.

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