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WHERE IS THE 'PROOF' .. why not all are convinced

Be it man's attempt at moon landing or the four minute mile or the reusable space shuttle, all progress has once been an impossible idea in someone's mind.

All of us do believe in progress, right ? If so, so why does the voice of the skeptic or naysayer seem to be question the basis or even the fact of the achievement itself ?

First, should we welcome skepticism as a necessary hurdle for every progress or welcome the naysayer as a person who provides a necessary corrective ?

Some time ago, there was a news item about a failed experiment at transplanting a pig's heart into a human, which got shrouded in controversy and confusion.

So, it would seem that a skeptic would not harm anyone. Or perhaps a doubter would make every achiever to work a bit harder to provide that much more proof.

The problem is that people see things according to their unconscious bias. After all, there are those who believe in the shroud of Turin but deny the Holocaust.

In the startup space, an idea needs to be continually proven from infancy to maturity, without which the testing of waters cannot be seen to have been done.

You can explore ideas with THE SECOND OPINION after getting a basic validation from a set of Experts who have literally been there and done that, time and again.

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