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WHY A SECOND OPINION ? ... Do they matter in business?

WHY BUSINESS ISSUES APPEAR DECEPTIVELY EASY This is often the first pitfall. The factors viz. Money, Man (Woman) Power, Management, Material, often remain the same with a few variations. So for every businessman problems appear familiar. But are they? HOW HABIT CREATES COMPLACENCY The average businessman is ironically the more conservative citizen, for whom the tried & tested is the only way. The problem comes when the situation has changed & where the the old paradigm has been altered. What then?

WHEN GOOD MONEY CHASES THE BAD A lot gets invested in a decision and often the momentum is a spiral towards a conclusion. The more the money is invested, the more the determination to see things work. But what is the tipping point ? And what is the point of no return?

We have reviewed the above and several more issues in our publication

Happy Reading !!!

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